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Counselor's Corner

Culmination Requirements for Sal Castro Middle School

  • Students earn 5 credits for passing each semester course with a mark of “D” or better.
  • No more than four (4) unsatisfactory (U) marks on the final Spring semester of 8th grade report card, which represents two (2) in work habits and two (2) in cooperation
  • All textbooks and library books must be returned and any outstanding fines paid in full
  • Students need to adhere to the school behavior/discipline policy/uniform policy
  • Students with on-going behavioral problems and less than 90% attendance rate (verified in MiSiS) will be excluded from the culmination and ALL 8th grade activities, this also includes excessive tardies.
  • In addition, students should earn points as indicated in the chart below
*Note: ACC Algebra 1 is a year-long course. Students earn 10 credits when they pass the Spring course with a mark of “D” or better.
Fall 8th Grade Spring 8th Grade
Courses  Credits  Courses  Credits 
English 8A       5       English 8B  5
CC Math 8A or *ACC CC Alg 1  CC Math 8B or *ACC CC Alg 1  5
*0  *10
US Hist G&C A  US Hist G&C B  5
Science 8A  Science 8B  5
Int PE A  Int PE B  5
Elective/ ELD  5 Elective/ELD  5
Total Credits Possible  30   30
*25 *35